Grow Efficiently

Make technology your differentiator.

Technology leaders outperform their peers in the marketplace. They create jobs almost twice as fast as other businesses, and they increase annual revenues faster than companies with lower levels of technology adoption.

The challenge is “how do you get there?” Clients choose Sparks Milling Digital because we provide a unique approach to deliver both strategy and execution for complex technology projects.


Research & Discovery

Our discovery process is about learning and defining your goals, objectives, needs and problems along with your business and technology drivers so we can produce marketing assets and campaigns that are relevant, engaging and effective.


  • Good for business?
  • Technically feasible?
  • Costs
  • Duration
  • Stakeholders
  • ROI and payoff
  • Scope & definition


We'll work with your team to create an essential guiding document: a marketing and customer-focused strategy that identifies and lines out the opportunities and challenges where digital assets can provide a solution.


  • Vision
  • Values
  • Mission
  • Interviews
  • Analysis
  • Creative brief


This is an intelligence operation: we'll conduct interviews with stakeholders, pull data, run searches and compile results into documents for the entire project team to use as decision support. As an added benefit, much of this information will apply and be useful to other areas of your business.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Competitive analysis
  • Suppliers
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Project objectives


We create effective, flexible plans for collaborative use by the entire project team to manage details, keep the budget and stay on schedule. A well designed plan is a basic, essential requirement for quality management.


  • Marketing plan
  • Project plan
  • Web plan
  • Response plan
  • Quality plan

Project Management

We save time and costs with an Agile development and project management method. Agile is a consistent approach with frequent testing of results and it keeps you, the client, closely involved to review and provide feedback while your project is underway.


  • Production planning
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Kanban WIP
  • Implementation
  • Measurement
  • Status reporting

Quality Assurance

We'll lead the project team to implement procedures to oversee the project and ensure the requirements for quality are fulfilled and maintained. This element keeps efficiency high, reduces waste, and should be part of the overall corporate quality system.


  • Monitor
  • Measure
  • Report
  • Plan
  • Adjust
  • Repeat