Our Team

We Speak Human and Machine

Think of us as ground support for your flight operations.

Planning and task-fulfillment are the core of our success. We advise and collaborate with our clients and help to assemble a cross-functional crew to get the job done and produce outstanding results. We deeply understand the energy and creativity it takes to bring a concept to life; while maintaining a passion for details and execution.

Our background in creative is quite strong: photography, print, sound, video and graphics. Our background in IT is quite strong: custom data solutions, wireless mobile data systems, software development and web applications. What sets us apart is how we deliver our special combination of business, technology and creative services as one seamless bundle.

Jim McLaughlin, Executive Producer, Sparks Milling Digital

Jim McLaughlin

Executive Producer


Mike Hoenig, Technical Director, Sparks Milling Digital

Mike Hoenig

Technical Director
Jon McLaughlin, Junior Developer, Sparks Milling Digital

Jon McLaughlin

Junior Developer
John Yucesoy, Production Assistant, Sparks Milling Digital

John Yucesoy

Production Assistant
Dani Murphy, Copywriter and Production Assistant, Sparks Milling Digital

Dani Murphy

Copywriter & Production Assistant