In every company there's a marketing system that can be improved. Made more efficient. Less expensive. More productive. At Sparks Milling, our sole focus is building digital machines that dramatically improve these systems.

We design, build, and manage complete solutions for:

  • Corporate Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Data Systems, APIs, and Connectors
  • SEO, Technical SEO
  • Digital Marketing

The Beauty of Function

Quality design that improves function and experience.
Organization is in our DNA. And, it is the guiding priciple in our design canon. We don't strive to be the most fashionable; instead, we design for clear communication and great user experience. Clean, crisp, well-engineered and organized is the design standard that sets our products and materials apart.

Practical Digital Transformation

Upgrading and integrating for improved efficiency.
The most valuable attributes in a team working on a digital transformation project are experience and perspective. For our team, those are earned skills and talent that have been developed by being hands-on and doing the hard work. We started this business doing digital transformation and large-scope integration with an ERP system for a global manufacturing company. Yep, we hit some bumps and learned a lot on the way. And, we're always learning—but, at this point, we bring a lot to the table to help our clients navigate and meet goals for transformation and growth.

Solving for Complexity

Solutions that plan for and manage every critical detail. We know you depend on reliable, continuous processes to keep things running smoothly for your team and your company. We mentioned above that organization is in our DNA. Well, detail is even more in our DNA and we operate in a complex mountain of details, every day. One of our unique differentiators that separates us from our competition is how well we manage details, how extensively we communicate—and our ability to understand and manage large, complex systems. That leads directly into our ability to design and build solutions that are on target, but also forward-thinking, long-lasting, and valuable.

Enterprise-Level Experience

Packaged in a boutique approach and feel. We've always had a vision and mission to bring to our clients the thinking, professionalism, and power of a large consulting firm—but delivered in our style, on a smaller, more personal, and more accessible scale. Because we're a smaller, boutique-sized firm with owners directly involved—we bring an owner's perspective to our clients. We know what it is to own and run a business. We know what it means to be good stewards of the projects and responsibilities entrusted to us. We know how to be a great supplier and take care of our client's best interests. We are anchored by that approach and our significant experience working on complex, critical projects for large companies.

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