Jim McLaughlin

Executive Producer

Jim McLaughlin, Executive Producer, Sparks Milling Digital

Jim brings projects and people together. He forms bonds with our clients as he understands their circumstances and calmly faces life’s challenges.

Jim is a skilled senior consultant and senior project manager, and is responsible for all aspects of our project delivery. His role includes leading and directing cross-functional teams both within our agency and on the client side. He manages our staff and resources and leads the effort to get our digital projects designed, produced and delivered. He’s a Microsoft Certified Professional with a 20+ year history in the Information Systems industry.

Over his career Jim has embraced technology and its integration with commerce and art. He’s an owner of the firm and has a unique background in the creative as well as IT world; allowing him to approach a project through the eyes of both a creative designer and an IT engineer.

He is the right-brain, left-brain guy in our group and his creative skills include photography, graphic & print design, web design and writing. His technical skills include web development and data-based software design & development. One of Jim’s key strengths is quality assurance and he’s helped several companies implement quality standards and achieve ISO 9000 certification.

Jim attended Washington University and Webster University in St. Louis. In September 2013 he finished a 3 year Masters program at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Jim is currently studying and completing the requirements and exams to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in Data Systems and Business Intelligence.